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Totemdieren en de Medicijnspiraal

In February 1997 I received the advice from the Dolphins on Hawaii, to put my Shaman-being in the world.
The result is the school for ‘Inner Shamanism’
In this school we work with personal totem animals en totem trees according to the helix of Medicine.
There are 28 totem animal, four in each Chakra, one in each direction of wind. The four totem trees are standing in the four directions of wind and are present on all the levels of the seven chakra’s.

In the edition "the totem animals and the helix of Medicine" my totem animals are described. I also described the advices, which are connected to those totem animals. There are 28 totem animal cards going with it.

The cards include the following 28 animals, grouped to Chakra and wind direction;

With the edition of my personal helix of medicine, I rounded up and celebrated being a Spiritual Teacher for ten years. It is the representation, both in words and images of my knowledge in cooperation with my totem animals, supported by my spiritual guides, in solidarity with ‘All What Is’.


You can order these cards and the manual, by transferring €49,95 (+ postage) to bank account 811822 ascription of Andromeda, under the subject; ‘Helix of Medicine cards’.