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My path of life

I was born (1974) in a family of an entrepreneur as the second daughter of five children.
After High school I started the study of psychology. Next I found a job in that sector. Working there, I learned about the depth and impotence of many damaged women-lifes. This, next to my own history, that showed me the strength of support. I discovered, together with all those women, the many possibilities you could if only there was interest, warmth and support.

I left the psychiatry, for medical science for children. There I got to learn and to understand illness as a representative from the death, but also as a consequence of problems in and between people: the illness as a message in live.
Also the chances and possibilities of parents and children, to get to know each other and life through the illness (both psychological and physical).
The ‘family’ became my work field. There I learned to listen to ‘many sides of the truth and being right.’
By this I discovered the sticking to solutions, that people chose for their problems if they only faced one side of the truth and felt self righteous I saw them experience spaciousness when they recognised more sides of rightness and the truth.

In my own live, it gave me the space for two kids as a single parent. And also the broad view of a more dimensional reality.

In trainings at the “Light Institute” in New Mexico, under the direction of Chris Griscom, I learned of my own passed lives; men lives en many different women lives. In this way I discovered that there are many more sides to being in the right than I had ever thought there would be.

It brought me more and other insights in family-patterns en family-histories. This brought a new dimension to my work as a teacher and supervisor for family therapy: to taking of responsibility for your own lineage and history. This gives both social workers and clients a creative entrance to their reality. However, professional-identity is only one aspect of your path of live. Spiritual realisation is an attitude in life, not a profession.

In 1987 I started with my own growth and development process in ‘Spiritual obstetrics’.
Trough this I learned to see my daily life as an earthly manifestation of my own spiritual learning process and all the levels of taking responsibility for it.
I did put my experiences into words by writing with my book: “Als de draden van een spinnenweb….” (“As the wires from a spider’s web…”), published 1995 by Andromeda.

The next phase of my spiritual path was my participation in the trainings program “Healing the planet, connecting the stars”.
By travelling to seven different sources of big rivers all over the world (connected with various signs of the zodiac, derived of the Zodiac sign: Orion) and the integration of these experiences on the Mid Atlantic Ridge.
I came home, came home in myself as a movement and as a part of ‘All That Is’.

My longing, after the earth and the stars, also to become familiar with the sea, has been fulfilled by a meeting with the Dolphins on Hawaii.
This resulted in the birth of the shaman in me. A shaman in everyday life, in this modern time, with the social environment, giving shape to my knowledge and exploring the concrete sources of the earth: Spiritual Designer.

The result of all this is the ‘Shamanistic Learning Course’.

My Inner Shaman guided me also to the wisdom of women in connection with the lime trees. This resulted in year training, called “13 Wijze Vrouwen en de Lindelaan” (13 Clan mothers and the ‘Lime tree-avenue’). It is training for women above the 45.

Because giving-shape is a part of my Shamanistic path, painting and moulding is a way to combine shape and spiritual process. Various expositions are the results of this.

Another aspect from my giving-shape is making a connection between Holland, Mongolia and Hawaii: extremes in balance, no way in between.
By giving trainings in these countries and the exchange of experiences, energy and stones, I gave shape to being inhabitant of the whole world.

In august 2005 I discover a new challenge: writing a book for children about my knowings on an fairytale way.

In september 2009 it is published: Ik ben een boom. En jij? (I am a tree. And you?)