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The switch from the traditional psychology to the esoteric psychology is a switch from the three-dimensional reality to the more multi-dimensional reality.
The switch from family- and married couple-therapy therapist to Spiritual Form-giver is one from regular therapist to "Inner Shaman".

In these two sentences above, 30 years of experience and 30 years of work with people is summarized (in short).
You can find a more detailed report about this switch under "personal details".

Inner Shamanism implies that you have to go back to your inner knowledge for answers, supported by personally developed Shamanistic tools and aids, animals, trees, meditation, music and rituals. An Inner Shaman isn’t modest, but he is neutral and aiming at being of service and preoccupied with social approval.

In case of my consultations this implies, that I look at the heaviness or the insolvabilities of our reality from another perspective, this view from another perspective originates surprising colors and changing shapes of that reality. This brings new insights and thus new possibilities.

My points of view through the time are Surprise, challenge and an open, broad view.
So I am both to consult preventive to look deeper and broader at the puzzles in life
such as:
  • "Shall I give my career another turn?"
  • "Why do I keep ending up in my own permanent circle and how can I transform this to creativity and challenge?"
  • "How can I discover my life-contract with difficult or dead children, so that I can deal creatively with it again?"
and curative for: creatively

Family- and partner-relation questions
Out of the presupposition that a crisis or a problem that keeps on turning up, is a possibility to change for all the parties. That a problem is born because of people that are denying the possibility of learning both on a individual level and on a relational level from each other (otherwise there would be indifference instead of a problem). So I think that the phrased problem is a mirror for all concerned. So they can recognize their own part and role, take the responsibility for it and get healed.
Speaking in another way; I work out of the supposition that children and parents, and partners, have a pact with each other through more lives. The fact whether you have chosen each other or whether you feel condemned to each other makes a different in your experience, but makes no different in my supposition.

For partners this means that I assume the ‘wholeness’ of the partner-relation.
That means that "the other" is seen as a ‘growth-possibility’ for the part in yourself that does recognize the qualities of the other one, feels his/her presence in potency, but does not own it yet.
Healing by partners.
Within this framework I use my 30-year experience as a family- and ‘married-couple’-therapist.

Individual consultations
  • With stranded careers and/or lives
  • After resignation
  • Problems during or after the reorganization
  • While or after stagnation by disease; burnout
  • After the dead from parents/partners/children
Also with all these items I work from the presupposition that these life events life are an opening to change, and should be seen as such.

Although, In the above mentioned consultation the dialogue between myself and the other(s) is the basic method, we also make use of;
  • Traveling in the time to blockaded experiences in the youth or former lives
  • Body-aware visualizations
  • Contact with died persons
  • Contact with spiritual guides
  • Energetic work
  • Drawing/ giving-shape in various creative forms
  • And the cards from the "Totem Animals and the Helix of Medicine".

Surprise, challenge and an open, broad view through the time are the basic points of view in my work.

For the rest it is important to know that my consultations don’t mean long time coaching.
One to three appointments from 90 minutes are my custom.
In case a long or other direction of coaching is needed, I refer to people that are doing those.