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Inner Shamanism

Individuality geared to inner knowledge and in connection with ‘All That Is’

Inner Shamanism, originated out of my contact with the Dolphins at Hawaii in 1997, concerns about Shamanism in everyday life, in this time, in these social circumstances.

It is a learning process for advanced students in spiritual searching. They are ready to take responsibilities and give shape to their own divined sources in everyday life.

In this course of Inner Shamanism, pre-knowledge and experience are supposed, as a result of a spiritual attitude of life. This means that knowledge and experience with meditation, chakra’s, healing and the responsibility for your own history, are supposed to be familiar.

The learning year consisted of three weekends and 10 Fridays (one in 6 weeks) in a period of 16 months, starting in October. In the first weekend we make contact with four personal totem animals, one for each direction of the wind (south, west, north, east).
After that, there will be four periods of six weeks, one for each totem animal. In this period you are supposed to work active together with your animal. Giving an account illustrated with photographs and drawings in a logbook is part of that. The day that we all come together, closing one period of six weeks, we share the experiences with our own animal in the group.
The period with the trees develops identically.

After 11 months of team up with animals and trees you make contact with your destiny in life. This will be the line of action for the form of your individual destiny. With the inauguration (after 16 months), the end of the course, you take responsibility for what you have learned by making an original, creative presentation for an audience consisting of family, friends, colleges.

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